The Passover Sacrifice

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhy wasn’t it enough for us to receive one page of text from our teachers, from Kabbalists, from the great sages, who discovered the whole upper system and the upper force that will connect us to them? Instead they wrote many articles about different states, about holidays, and about all the levels of attaining the Creator. After all, there is nothing but the attainment of the upper force by studying the changes that occur in the upper system.

Kabbalists described all these states because we have to draw the Reforming Light, in every possible way, in every direction, in all the levels, although we are not there yet.

Today we are reading about these states at the time that matches their corporeal branches, the special time that is connected to Passover: We read about the exodus from the exile in Egypt and about the Passover sacrifice, which means how to come closer (the same Hebrew root korban and karov), and transcend the Machsom (barrier). Besides, we are doing it together in the group, and this symbolizes the whole essence of the exodus from Egypt, of the transition from separation to connection.

We feel the separation as being enslaved to our desire to receive, as separation and shattering. Connection seems like freedom, redemption, the desired miracle! If we read the articles with this intention and want to draw the Reforming Light, it will come.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabblah Lesson 4/22/12, Zohar for All

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