The Key To Successful Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe must separate from all our problems in order to have success in inner work. We represent an integral community, a small group, which is the only thing that exists in the world.

Everything else that exists in the world also connects to us: both the feminine and the masculine parts. They embody the entirety of mankind, the one common soul, the one single Kli (vessel): Malchut of the World of Infinity. Imagine that we now wish to reveal ourselves inside this Kli, not at the point of our world (the lowest point), but at its highest level.

Even if we imagine the highest level, which exists 125 degrees of five worlds away from us, we still will not be able to imagine anything different than the opposite part of the next degree because our imagination does not go further.

Then what is our problem? When we study the system of the worlds, we learn that next to one Partzuf (the first state), there is a second one, an upper one (the second state).

How can we ascend from the first to the second state? Only by canceling ourselves and entering the next state, without creating any disturbances in it—like an embryo.

This next state is called AHP and Galgalta ve Eynaim (GE) of the upper one.

We must simply use our desire and aspiration to pull ourselves into this upper state.

In relation to our state, the upper state is the state of absolute bestowal, when we fully rise above ourselves and leave our entire animal part below.

Aspiration upward is called “Adam” (the human part); it is our consciousness, our desire, directed toward bestowal. We wish to connect them to our aspiration. This is the state of spiritual ascent, which we evoke.

When we strive upward this way, then Light comes to us from the Galgalta ve Eynaim of the higher degree, which helps us, pulls us up, and influences us.

This is the Light that Reforms.

We are not able to do this on our own. We only have the effort, the intention, but never the actual action.

The actual action happens under the influence of the upper Light. So we only need the desire, gathered together to be annulled before each other, to be collected into one single whole, and a firm demand for ascent, for the manifestation of the Light in us, to request that the Light influence us and lift us to the quality to bestow. This is the kind of intention we must have.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/12, Lesson 2

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