The Hidden Gene Of Development

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf there were no spark of bestowal inside the desire to enjoy, it would not develop. How did a human being evolve from an ape? An ape operates purely by instinct, and a huge question arises: How in the process of evolution, from what type and kind, and in what way did a human suddenly appear? How could he develop from an animal?

His desire to know the upper force, his Creator, raises a human above the animal. It is explained by the presence of the spiritual spark developing inside a human being. This spark can be of four types, four levels, and that it is why there are different kinds of people more or less close to spiritual work.

If the spiritual spark begins to speak inside of my desire to enjoy, I already have two qualities—one against the other. I can compare them and decide what to do: to work for the sake of my egoism or for the sake of the spark of bestowal.

The spark of bestowal can bring my desire to enjoy a great gain. If we had been guided only by the desire to enjoy, we would have remained animals that do not evolve. But if we have the spark carrying the force of bestowal, we begin to use it to our advantage. Thus humanity developed.

In the beginning, a man used to bring his prey to his cave only for his family. But then he saw that it was too much, and his family could not eat everything. Then he gave a half to his neighbor and exchanged it for something useful. The egoistic desire was constantly growing, and he did not want to just share with everyone; thus, began mutually beneficial exchange.

The desire to enjoy was growing, the desire to bestow was increasing at the same time, and a human was getting smarter. He invented trade and markets, which exists to this day. Only it stimulated all our development, as it is said: “Go and earn money from each other.”

But this was not the main gain, it was the qualities that we learned from each other in the course of this trade. Thus, the desire to enjoy was growing due to the presence of the desire to bestow in it.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/11/12, “The Gate of Intentions”

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