The Convention And Dissemination

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: To what extent can we speak about dissemination at the Convention?

Answer: We will speak about dissemination at the Convention whenever we can. One of the topics included in the planned schedule is a lecture on dissemination and a discussion of dissemination work. It’s best for this to be the last topic of the Convention. This should be what we leave the Convention with, our outcome and way of addressing the world. This should be discussed as the conclusion of the Convention.

In principle, we are getting together to unite with one another, inside of us, meaning to pursue unification inwards, rather than dissemination, expansion outward. This is the objective of the Convention! But we should also think about how we will expand our idea because our spiritual success depends on that.

Mainly, the entire Convention will be aimed within us, within our worldwide desire, but nevertheless, the last topic will be devoted to dissemination. The topic of women will be addressed separately, including women’s organizations, as well as the topic of upbringing for children and adults. These are all topics that will be discussed.
From the lesson on 4/22/12

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