The ARI Institutes Forges Partnership With Siauliai University

The Šiauliai region site and the news portal of the Lithuanian TV channel published an article titled “Šiauliai University Has Signed a Contract with the ARI Institute (Israel).”

The ARI Institutes Forges Partnership With Šiauliai University

On March 22, at the library of Šiauliai University, the Vice-Rector for International Relations and Development Professor Teodoras Tamošiūnas and the director of the ARI Institute Professor Michael Laitman (Israel) signed a cooperation agreement between Šiauliai University of Lithuania and the ARI Institute (Israel).

At the press-conference, Professor Michael Laitman presented the principles of the integral education and upbringing. Professor Teodoras Tamošiūnas said that Siauliai University has a long tradition of teacher training, and thus integral education, advocated by the professor from Israel, can be developed in Siauliai. The Vice-Rector said that the visit of Professor Michael Laitman to Šiauliai University and signing of the contract with the ARI Institute indicate the recognition of Šiauliai University.

According to the lecturer Vida Skačkauskaitė, who participated in the press-conference, the system of integral education aims at creating a new human being and society. According to her, Šiauliai University that began to apply and promote the method of integral education can serve as a model for other institutions of Lithuania.

After the signing of the contract, the library of Šiauliai University hosted a conference, during which Professor Michael Laitman gave a lecture on the topic of “The Integral Upbringing: Why?” There were also other speakers from France, Ukraine, and Israel.

Professor Michael Laitman is a Professor of Ontology and epistemology, MSc in bio-Cybernetics, Doctor of Philosophy. Professor Michel Laitman is a member of The World Wisdom Council and the founder and director of the ARI Institute. Using innovative ideas that are suitable for solving the acute problems of modern upbringing, he is seeking positive change in the education strategy. The professor presented a new approach to education, which applies the laws of the interconnected integral world.

Michael Laitman set up new landmarks and explained how to live in the new global village of humanity—more technologically connected in our interconnected world.

His view encompasses different areas of human life: social, economic, and environmental. In addition, a special focus is given to education, a system that provides universal values​ and thus creates a harmonious society in our so closely connected reality.

Over the past three decades, Professor Michael Laitman published over 40 books that were translated into 18 languages.

Photo: Sigita Inchyurene

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