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Dr. Michael LaitmanDear Friends!

I address you, my students, friends, and those who would be able to help us, personally and on behalf of the management of Bnei Baruch.

We have been in existence for 20 years. During this time, we have done a lot: We have developed a website, which is recognized today as one of the largest in the world; we conduct daily lessons, which are translated into dozens of languages; we opened a television channel that broadcasts 24 hours a day; thousands of people completed courses in our learning centers; we create, publish and distribute books, brochures, and newspapers; we produce movies, and we hold conventions around the world. We selflessly strive to disseminate the higher knowledge about the unity of the world.

Over these 20 years, we grew from a group of 10 people to many groups and centers around the world. We relocated from a small house to a two-story building outside of Tel Aviv, which we have been renting for 10 years. It houses our office for the creation and dissemination of Kabbalistic information, our television studio and center where we create, produce, broadcast, and translate to many languages a continually growing number of programs and the three-hour Daily Kabbalah Lesson.

We have reached the point that we have outgrown the current facility; in fact, we are being forced to leave this building. Under pressure from government agencies responsible for fire safety, electricity, and health, we can no longer stay here.

While calculating the cost of relocation, installation of communications, and settling in a new place, we found that the amount spent on this only will be around $1 million, and the lease of a new building for the next 10 years will cost additional $3.5 million.

Thus, the idea of the economic rationality of acquiring a permanent place emerged. With this all of us will have our world center: those who work here, those who come here to study, and those who come here for an internship. A new building will include lodgings for everyone who wishes to stay with us. Everyone will be able to say: “I have a home.”

We are not ashamed of this appeal because we really are talking about a home for everyone. We are beginning to raise funds for the purchase of our new home. Everyone can donate as much as he or she is able.

But under the threat of eviction, we need to collect at least half of the amount in a short time. Under the pressure from the local authorities, we must move to a new place by the end of 2012.

Let’s celebrate the opening of our new center that will indeed be the center of dissemination of the knowledge about the Oneness of the world.

I appeal to all who understand the need for the dissemination of Kabbalah and mutual guarantee, Arvut, in the world, to help us all find our home.

I thank all of you for taking part: This will unite us!

Michael Laitman.

If you wish to contribute to the fund click here.


  1. How do I donate?

  2. Please explain HOW to donate to this project. Is there a web link for online donations? Should we send a check in the mail to some address?

  3. Dear Michael, Dear friends,
    i would like to help with our new home, but how can i donate from germany?
    Best regards,

  4. The Light doing Its work. L Chaim!!!

  5. Can we make a donation towards the new centre? How can one do this, please?

  6. This truly is good news. Congratulations teme Laitman. Thank you.

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