Most Important Is Connection And Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we conduct the meeting of friends at the convention?

Answer: The meeting of friends at the convention should include all the groups worldwide. You can include greetings, but they shouldn’t take much time. Being given an opportunity to say a greeting, the group must value time; 15 seconds is even enough. The focus is all on your love and connection.

The meetings of friends have to reflect the world group in the first place, that is, our huge volume. You need to prepare a number of small spots so that there is a huge impression of the immense united global desire, connected above all the continents, differences, time, and distance; so we know that that there is a great number of us; so we feel mutual dependence, connection, and love.

In principle, that is what the meeting of the world group means—to become impressed from each other by the greatness of the goal, the greatness of our power and aspiration.

Question: How do you see the cultural evenings at the convention?

Answer: I think that the cultural evening should be with fewer words and expressed more in music and songs, moreover, more in tunes without words to make them more international. Although the host countries of the convention have their own South American culture with exciting rhythms, they need take into account all the other people. So you could have half of the time dedicated to local folklore, and the other half to our common tunes, which are even better without words when we are just humming the melody together.
From the Virtual Lesson 4/22/04, Preparation to the Congress

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  1. Hopefully songs and tunes will evolve from our common kli, new, and unique to the new united world’s culture.

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