How Can We Identify The “Careerists”?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I see the system of the integral upbringing as a large quantity of groups around the entire world: virtual and physical ones. This is a huge mass of people. Among them there might be people whose point in the heart is awakening. Do we need to create some mechanism of “career growth” for them, meaning the transition into groups with more intensive study?

Answer: They will make themselves known and will want it. They will come to the instructors themselves, offer their help, and express desire to participate in this process. Obviously, then they will transfer to the groups that we belong to. There will be a lot of people like this. I hope there will be hundreds of millions of them.

Nevertheless, the majority of people will stay as inert as today. We will be obliged to provide them with upbringing and education. There is nothing we can do since this is a pyramid. The majority of people exist at the basis of the pyramid, and it is very hard to move it from its place. However, due to the crisis related problems, they will develop the receptivity.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #14, 12/18/11

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