Evolution And Divine Providence

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we reconcile evolution and Divine Providence?

Answer: Everything agrees in the universe. Everything is controlled, except the freedom of will, in order to accelerate our progress to the extent of our awareness of the laws of the Creator and to follow them voluntarily in spite of our egoism. We are created similar to the Creator, and then in our world we found ourselves opposed to Him.

And to the extent of our voluntary aspiration to become similar to Him, that is, in the property of bestowal and love, in spite of our egoism, we reveal the upper world—the space filled with the revealed force of bestowal and love, the Creator. But all this takes place according to the laws of the four stages of development of the direct Light.

Hence, there are four fundamental constants that build our world. Their numerical values ​​are based on the ratio of the Light and desire and determine the entire structure of the world: atoms, planets, stars, and life on Earth. All the natural systems are the result of the balance of the four interactions:

  • the power of gravity tends to compress;
  • the electromagnetic force creates internal pressure;
  • the force released in nuclear processes
  • the force of the strong and weak nuclear interactions.

The structure of any system depends on the interaction of these forces, that is, on the numerical values ​​of fundamental constants; a very small change in them would have made the existence of the world impossible. It is absolutely unbelievable that such an incredible match could be the result of chance.

To survive, a human being requires special conditions, and any changes of the numerical values of the fundamental constants would rule out the existence of life.

Thus, in his spiritual progress, a person must follow the rules of the relations of Light and desire, and then, they will reach their unity, and a person will feel the manifestation of life in their unity (similarity). Thus, in the four-stages (alphabetic) of the distribution of the Light (the Name of the Creator), physics, evolution, and upper governance agree.

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