We Cannot Keep Putting It Off!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Public opinion is a very powerful educational tool. How can we use this tool in groups in integral upbringing? What do we encourage? How do we bring out the desired behavior which corresponds to integrality?

Answer: We take time during discussions and conversations to show examples of correct and incorrect behavior and interactions; we analyze the motives, the different subconscious and conscious incentives, ones that are instinctive and conscious: instinctive being those that come from nature, and instinctively acquired from the environment during the upbringing process when habit becomes second nature.

We try to separate all of this, explain where it comes from, why it comes from the past society in which we grew up, and why we now need to change, and especially why we need to change and reeducate our children.

But if the children continue to be educated in the same environment with the same adults, it will be another several generations until they change. What can we do to change our children now? To do it we are the ones who need to change first.

I think that the interactions between parents and children, love for children, the desire to give them a good new world is a very strong factor of influence on the adults. And it must impel us to make a change so that we do not just play at, but we will actually build a good society for our children.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #7 12/14/2011

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  1. Yes Rav, I totally agree, even though my children are adults now, they can see the change in me, and I am continually talking to them about being about “A point in the heart” in their dealing with their lives and with each other. Each has strong opinions and belief systems from their life experiences. I am grateful in being an instrument of change. Blessings always

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