Poison Is Not Always Bad

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Let us say that we have gathered a group of people and are teaching them integrated unity. Sometimes several people wish to express their opinion simultaneously. But I interrupt everyone because I want for everyone to listen to me. This is an egoistic action because people are obligated to listen to me. How do you make it altruistic?

Answer: The action itself does not matter. The main thing is to create the right connection between people! Then they will probably interact properly and any of their actions will occur as desired. This becomes realized during the process of education.

At first the entire integrated upbringing course curriculum must be completed: who we are, what we are, what is our freedom of will, and what is the influence of the environment. Practical work begins once a person acquires a certain amount of knowledge.

Question: When two people are interacting, is it possible to show that one person is using his egoism and acting in an integral manner, while another person is acting egoistically?

Answer: This depends on the inner state.

Let us look at a surgeon for example. “He is cutting a person! Is this for real?” Show this image to someone out of our world, who does not understand these actions and he will immediately either stop the surgeon or kill him. And a lot of money is paid for this surgery.

Every medicine is poison, but its proper use makes it a medicine. The symbol of medicine is a biting snake! This means that even subconsciously a person understands and sees that everything negative in nature can be used in a very positive way, and it only depends on us. This is why the view of an unprepared person will not explain anything.

Sometimes parents punish a child by spanking him. Of course sometimes nowadays, they cross the line. But when it is done from the point of view of education, upbringing, when the child needs to be kept from hurting himself, it is best for me to smack him and use this way to prevent him from harming himself. So it is necessary to know this entire system of relationships.

I think that the main problem with modern psychology is that first it needs to introduce upbringing. The psychologist needs to educate his patients. But he has no time for this he only has a little advice. Of course they do make certain adjustments, but not drastic changes.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #7 12/14/2011

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  1. I have what I consider to be many bad habits. I understand that I was created this way, and that I had no choice in the qualities and impulses that run through me. But at the same time, the longer I study, the more I want to delve into my bad habits. My ego says ‘It’s not your fault. You were made this way. Go ahead and act the fool. You have no choice.”

    I know I’m not supposed to psychoanalyze myself. But it’s almost impossible not to. My group is virtual and so I can use the computer to kind of hide what’s worst in me. But how must I relate to this increased desire to be even worse than I was? I don’t want to be. I want to be able to put these coarse desires down. To separate myself from them so that I feel them subjectively instead feeling as if I’m immersed in it. But I have no power. I just keep reading and studying. Is this enough? Or is there more I need to do?

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