A Shield Against The Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are different types of “judges and guards” in the spiritual work. There are those who act until one acquires the first Masach (screen), which is called the “crossing of the Machsom (barrier).” Judges and guards work both directly and in an opposite manner; that is, they increase our desire to enjoy by seemingly giving a person a greater punishment. Then a person has to rise above it and present his “merits” that attest to his desire to escape this ego.

It isn’t just ignoring it, but rather recognizing it, until a person understands that he must pray for help, to raise MAN. After all, one cannot escape from the deep cellar of the egoism by himself, but only to the extent that he prays and understands that he is in prison. Then he begins to ask for help in order to get out.

Afterward, instead of the suffering in this world and feeling the darkness of the cellar, he is given pleasures so that he won’t want to get out of the cellar. He remains in the egoistic cellar that suddenly seems like a palace to him, like the Garden of Eden, and seemingly fills all his needs. He is offered everything he might desire: “If you wish, you can have all the treasures of the next world in this world—everything besides unity with others in order to merge with the Creator.”

This is how a person is tempted, and he should understand that this test comes from judges and guards in order to eventually provide him with the need for a screen that will enable him to come out of the cellar and to create a shield for himself, the screen against his ego and the egoistic pleasures.

What is man: It is a big desire that we draw like a vessel, and above him there is a great pleasure. The question is only whether he has a screen that separates one from the other: a great desire, hunger, cold, darkness, and helplessness in the desire to receive, and above it all the pleasures. How can a person resist them? He may either take them or ask for a screen over them in order to be filled by adhesion with the Creator.

All our work is through judges and guards. There are many ways we can speak about, but let’s get to know them from real life.
From the 1st pat of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/21/2012, Writings of Rabash

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