The Necessary And The Sufficient

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I am in a virtual group. If a guarantee of two friends is required to attend the convention, who can sign it for me?

Answer: For now, be concerned about that.

Besides men who left Egypt, there were also women, children, and the elderly. Do you understand that you go to the convention as a “woman,” “child,” or an “elderly person”? Do you understand that your mission is to cancel yourself as much as possible? You do not know how to connect with the friends because a woman cannot connect. But you really want this to happen because a woman has to support this unity in every way.

And perhaps you are a “slave,” that is, you obey your egoism but are willing to serve and help in whatever way needed. You are looking for personal gain, want spirituality for yourself, and cannot disconnect from the egoistic concern about your own good future. However, you are aware of this and understand that you are a slave to self-love, and yet you want to join the spiritual attack.

A “slave” is under the external power; Pharaoh or the Creator rule over him, which is the same because Pharaoh is the Creator’s means. And if you still want to participate, then you come to the convention aware of your degree and put all your efforts to be with the friends.

Either way, you are making every effort, and your possibilities do not depend on you—they are categorized by degrees. If you have exerted a little bit, you are a “child,” if more, you are a “slave,” even more, an “an elderly,” more, a “woman,” and even more, a “man.” You are given strength from Above, but you have to apply it completely in order to try to keep up, to become involved. It is not about your level that is important. A person who is trying his best to be with us, similar to a child clinging to adults, does not interfere at all, but only helps. So, wherever you are, come.

Question: Under what conditions does a person go to the convention as a “man?”

Answer: If a person attends all the morning lessons, pays Maaser (tithe), participates in the gatherings of friends, in all the group activities, and is fully involved in mass dissemination, then he follows the advice of Kabbalists. These are the minimum, physical conditions, not related to the spiritual work yet. This is necessary.

And beyond that, does he really in his soul cancel himself before the group in order to feel the need for unity? This need should give rise to his cry for help, to which the upper Light will respond.

Thus, the external conditions say nothing about a spiritual level; they are necessary, but not sufficient. They can be observed regardless of the spiritual states. And besides that, there are sufficient conditions that you must perform internally.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/20/2012, Constitution of the Arava Convention

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