Don’t Destroy The Uniqueness

Dr. Michael LaitmanAfter we are born with innate abilities, we involuntarily absorb values and norms from the environment. Each of us chooses its influence in his own way; even babies are attracted to different things, although we don’t always notice it. And so, more and more minor, external attributes are dressed on our basic traits.

In this sense, every person is unique and we should preserve this uniqueness. We can only disagree with the external influence aimed at this uniqueness. For example, if for five years a person stayed in a bad society, which had a negative influence on his attributes and led them in an anti-social direction, we can object to this influence. But we mustn’t object to a person’s natural, preliminary attributes because they contain a person’s root, his freedom. We have no right to touch them, because no one will be able to substitute this part of the general mosaic of creation.

We must, therefore, worry only about the influence of a good environment. Then all the natural tendencies a person has will develop as they should even if until now the positive influence was missing.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/29/11, “The Freedom”

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