Bring The Dead Time To Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is possible to control your desire through action. That is why we need to force ourselves into action. The speed of our development depends on it. People are asking: “Well, where is the spiritual world? When will it be revealed? What else can I do to get closer to it?”

They do not understand that every day we aimlessly lose a lot of hours. It turns out that what could have been done throughout a day stretches out for the whole month and even more. We don’t care about shortening all of our opportunities in order for each moment to become focused on reaching the goal—at least in the material external action if it is not possible to do it in the desire and intention, not directly, but indirectly, through other actions, which I perform for the world, dissemination, the group.

Very often and for long periods of time we are in a state when we have no desire, but the time keeps passing by and we do not know what to do with it. We are simply waiting for when it will change on its own, but nothing will change on its own.

This dead time is given precisely so that we invest action into it, and by the means of the action to change our desires, to quickly wake up and begin to move forward towards the goal. Until I get to feel that the group, the world, and the whole of reality is, in essence, me, myself, and it depends on me, I need to use all of this in order to reach the realization of the goal.

I should not wait until the awakening will come from the outside. There is a quantity and quality of efforts, which a person must exert only in action without any intention and desire! And even though in our generation we are spoiled, weak, and not ready to suffer the way the previous generations did who were closer to the condition of the Kabbalists of antiquity: “Live on bread with salt and drink water….” However, we need to understand that without the feeling of the suffering for the whole world, we will not be able to become connected into it.

Here, the mind and the feeling must supplement each other so that I would not have to suffer like everyone in the world and humanity as a whole does. By the means of the mind, I can increase my participation in the suffering of the world and to connect to one big vessel-desire.

And to the extent of that, my actions for the benefit of the world will increase, and this way I will move from action to desire and thought, I will attain the perfect vessel, worthy for correction and fulfillment. So this will be the correction and fulfillment for the whole world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/29/11, Shamati #189

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One Comment

  1. FROM June 29 2010“SIT


    Do we need to add intention to the action, or action to the intention?

    Why would you do any action IF YOU DON’T HAVE AN INTENTION? Sit and do nothing, preferably.

    Act only if you see that by doing so you can advance to the goal. Then operate yourself. When your action is a result of an intention, no forces will be wasted in vain and everything will be toward the eternity which you will attain. In this way, you actualize yourself correctly.

    You shouldn’t do an action and attach an intention to it; rather, do an intention and in accordance with the intention, examine and determine the necessary action that you need to do.”


    FROM this post “There is a quantity and quality of efforts, which a person must EXERT ONLY IN ACTION WITHOUT ANY INTENTION AND DESIRE ”

    What you advised in 2010 is in direct contradiction to what you are advising in this article. What kind of action are you talking about in this latest post? IF one’s action does not stem from a conscious intention, how is this path of kabbalah different from the intentionless (or unconscious) path of pain? Have you changed your position regarding actions in this world, and if so why?

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