Integral Education Is A Quick Process

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: There is no force in society now that is interested in education because it is a very long process, and politicians are elected for four to five years….

Response: Integral education is a very quick process. Until now education has been perceived as the acquisition of knowledge, which really takes many years. But in addition to theoretical knowledge, what is needed nowadays is first and foremost practical application. We are talking about how to convey the idea about the structure of the world in a suitable way for the general population.

The first part of the course will take no more than two or three months. Afterwards, a person will understand that he has to act differently so as not to harm himself. Even after the first week or two, he will already understand that the world isn’t what he thought it was.

A person will see that today’s world is global and integral. He will see that he is mutually connected to the rest of the world and so he must change the principles of his behavior. He will understand that the will of nature motivates history, that evolution has a goal, and that we simply must accept the laws of the integral system. Only a comprehensive connection will allow us to live a good, balanced life.

Besides, a person will change his attitude to unemployment, to employment, and to the consumerist society that has gone too far with its enthusiasm. He will understand that we need sensible balanced consumerism. He will understand that the problem isn’t the fact that there aren’t enough jobs, but that there will be no more jobs. It isn’t that we are reluctant, but that we are simply not mutually connected and so we are opposite from nature. This understanding obliges us.

And so a person already begins to perceive what he has to do both personally and by incorporating with the society. It turns out that it does not depend on the government. He cannot demand like a small child: “Give me the benefits that I lost!” You will not have them, no matter how hard you cry. The government has no hidden ace up its sleeve. Even if you change the government and put it on trial, you will get nothing.

The correction can only come through education. Period!

The world is advancing towards harmony and balance, and this balance has nothing to do with over-production and over-consumption. The integral education is effective in a very short period of time. It helps a person change his attitude towards what is happening and he immediately changes according to the new form.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/29/11, “The Freedom”

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