The Point Of Unity: Why Not And When Yes?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why wasn’t I able to connect to the feeling of the point of unity at this convention? Why is this sensation still hidden? How can I support it if I don’t feel it?

Answer: Certainly, many of our friends have not been able to feel this point of unity yet. In any case, this first of all depends on time. There is a category of time in our world, and nothing can be done about it. A person can’t come today and enter this feeling tomorrow. He has to go through various states, to experience them. A person has to be inside of our group for some time and advance the same way we did some time ago. This is first.

Second, a person has to be properly prepared for the convention. We were getting ready by uniting in the desert as well as working hard preparing for the convention technically. We began the work in August in order to prepare all the necessary technical equipment, events, study materials, and programs.

Everything depends on a person. If he was interested in participating with us, even as a “little one,” he would reach the state where he would feel the same as we to some extent. The majority of the participants, including women who joined this sensation, felt it. This is the first convention where we were able to reach the point of unity.

What should a person who didn’t feel it do? Read, study, and disseminate. It’s desirable to go over the convention materials a few times: lectures, all activities, gatherings, discussions, the opening ceremony, and dancing. There are about 100 hours of video recordings; we need to continue taking little tastes of it, watching little bits of it each day.

In addition, starting from today and on, it’s necessary to start preparation for the next convention in the desert that will take place in a couple of months. It doesn’t matter where a person is located and where he will be physically at that time. The main thing is to prepare oneself for the connection with others. This connection is a virtual one; it’s not located in some physical place that one would have to watch from afar.

I didn’t dance in the convention hall, but that didn’t prevent me from being connected to those who were. Certainly, contact helps, but the time will come when we won’t need it.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/11/2011, The Zohar

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