Born To Become Human

Dr. Michael LaitmanMan (Adam) means “similar” (Domeh) to the first nine Sefirot, meaning nature, the Creator. Such people gather into a group to begin their work.

At first, this work does not inspire us. We feel like it is a compulsory and unnecessary responsibility. Then we begin to become inspired by it. However, at the same time, one always needs to try to walk on two feet, like on two rails, head and heart, mind and feeling.

Essentially, everything comes out of the first and last points of our journey. At the first point, we are in a state of adhesion with the Creator because of His force because this is the way He created us and rules over us. However, at the last point, we must attain the same adhesion on our own, which means to become equal to him in all our qualities. This is our objective.

The group, our world, and this entire life are just the means to attain it. Everything that happens to me every single moment is given to me in order to reveal that my current self, my group, and my entire environment, all causes and consequences, are just an aid. They are like the three preliminary phases of the direct Light, until the development reaches the fourth phase, meaning us. In order to reach adhesion to the source, the Creator, I must view all of the still, vegetative, and animate nature as the means given to assist me with this aim.

The group and my entire life, the entire universe, everything that surrounds me are only given so that I would be able to reach adhesion to the Creator. If I organize every moment this way over the course of my life, I absolutely will be able to complete the entire program of creation.

Rabash writes in “The Purpose of Society” that the people who gather into a group feel how their points in the heart demand them to become human (Adam), that is, similar to the Creator. This is what man was created for. This is his main purpose, and everything else is just the means for realizing it.

The only way to realize it is through the fear of pointlessly losing even a moment of your life. For this, I need the influence of the environment that will show me how important and high the purpose is so that I would be afraid of failing to attain it. Then I will realize it correctly through envy, lust, and ambition.

The Creator helps me advance toward the goal every moment if I properly connect myself to the group and Him inside the group, striving to reveal Him. The goal is to reveal Him through the similarity of our qualities so that I would be more and more like Him, which is to say to become more human. To be human means to be like Him.

The more persistent I am in trying to do this, the more spoiled qualities and desires He reveals to me. I must not forget even for a moment that all of this is revealed to me only for the purpose of correction, becoming similar to the Creator. It turns out that it is even a good thing that I become confused and forget about connecting with the group and the Creator.

I reveal this in new desires and feel myself deviate off the path every time. In this way, the Creator awakens desires and thoughts in my heart and mind that are not directed straight to Him so that I would direct them on my own, that is, would bring them to unity. There is nothing else for me to do in life besides this. In this way, I correct myself.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/11/2011, Writings of Rabash

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