The Architect Of The Single Currency: Euro Doomed From Start

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Jacques Delors, the former president of the European Commission, a key architect of the euro): “The euro project was flawed from the start and the current generation of European leaders has failed to address its fundamental problems…

“In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Jacques Delors claims that errors made when the euro was created had effectively doomed the single currency to the current debt crisis. He also accuses today’s leaders of doing ‘too little, too late,’ to support the single currency..

“Mr Delors, who led the commission from 1985 to 1995, played a central role in the process that led to the creation of the euro in 1999. In his first British newspaper interview for almost a decade, he says that the debt crisis reflects a threat to Europe’s global role and even basic Western democratic values.”

My Comment: How was it possible to create a single market without integrating everybody into a unified Europe? It is a mockery of the “progressive” part of humanity, when the authors of the European unification project think that it is sufficient to slightly adjust the standards and the markets. Where is unity? It’s not to be found even in a common pocket, not to mention cultural integration, integral upbringing, becoming closer above national and cultural differences, and overcoming contempt and hatred.

Naturally, the project failed, and it is clear that its ignominious end was laid at the beginning. Integration should start with people, and not with a common market.

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