Do I Feel Good With Friends, Or With Friends Among Whom The Creator Resides?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At the convention we felt life, but now descents are depicting a completely different picture for me. I want to return to the basis, the middle line, to that which I have to rely on. Or should we tread forward blindly until we come out to the Light? Do we have any source of support?

Answer: Besides the group, all other details of perception, qualities, and foundations disappear and do not provide support for a person.

Moreover, by delving into the group, a person also sees that he cannot really rely on the friends’ mutual guarantee either because they are also part of the conditions that bring him to a greater need for support. Gradually he loses firm ground in the group as well, until a person’s searches bring him to the need to reveal the Creator. Only in Him will a person find the true support, the root, and the answer to all his problems, failures, questions, and troubles.

We have to go through many steps on this path, and we begin with what is realistic for us. A person always stops in the place that seems safe to him. And therefore, the best thing is when all the hopes come from him through the group to the Creator, when he understands that the solution, fulfillment, and correct analysis will come only from there. And everything else are intermediate phases.

For example, today our hopes end with the group, “We are together! That’s great! How wonderful my friends are!” We still don’t discover the need for something higher, we still don’t demand a higher force to be revealed in the group more than simply a circle of friends. But this will gradually come.

Question: Baal HaSulam writes about how easy it is to control our desire with two reins: pleasure and pain. Then why is it so difficult for us to direct our desire in the spiritual direction in the group? What are we missing?

Answer: You cannot connect to the friends. Your pleasure lies in suppressing others and holding your ground. But others are also holding their ground, so how can you unite? Envy, passion, and pride—all of these initial qualities separate us from one another.

You suppose that you can unite, but I don’t think so. This is possible only with the help of the Light that reforms, by means of very difficult work. This requires the force of the Torah, the Kabbalistic method.

By uniting, we will reach Malchut of Infinity. Besides unity, there is nothing. Unite the friends in the group and you will get the world of Infinity. Everything begins and ends there.

You think this is simple. You are asking why we aren’t succeeding, what is wrong? But it can’t be any other way because you don’t demand for the Creator to dwell among you. You don’t even see that you are incapable of unity by yourself, and you even suppose that you are capable of it. You still haven’t revealed the truth.

Question: So how can we help each other do this?

Answer: There can be many external actions. The question is: How much do they incite a person to inner effort? This is our problem. So keep trying.

We still don’t have the need to connect ourselves, the group, the world and the Creator into one whole. We have to reveal this need faster since otherwise it will expire and the world will be in trouble.

The Reshimo of Malchut of Infinity, which becomes revealed in the group, is the result of many efforts that we make. And this work has to be done precisely in the group. It is the field where all fruits grow. It contains everything necessary, and our efforts determine how quickly we will be able to connect everything into one. The faster we do this, the easier and more pleasant our path will be.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/14/11, “The Freedom”

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