Moving Towards The Goal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Since the convention you have stopped commenting on international news and the crisis. Is it a good or a bad sign?

Answer: It’s neither. Simply, there are not enough comments for all the new decisions of the leaders because without the understanding of the nature of the crisis, they’re not able to make the only right decision: towards gradual, but full unity, as nature obligates us to do.

Back in the beginning of the last century, Baal HaSulam wrote that humanity is moving towards the realization that it is one family, that it is integrally interconnected. He saw this as a Kabbalist, from our inner connection, the way it manifests in our growth, evolution, under the influence of the forces of nature.

This is why the manifestation of our opposition to nature will continue to grow in the form of greater suffering, bankruptcies, descents, threats, unemployment, disorders, and protests. And this will continue until the world realizes the cause of the escalating crisis: our egoistic relations.  After all, we have developed to the point when we must start connecting into a single integrated world community and then reach the level of “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

This is not a fantasy or utopia, but the future objective reality that has already appeared on the horizon. This is the goal of our evolution, programmed by nature. It’s already beginning to manifest in the form of a necessary universal connection between people, enterprises, and countries, and our resistance and lack of correspondence to it causes the crisis in our society. On the contrary, similarity to it will evoke the feeling of harmony, wellbeing, and perfection in us.

And no solutions or actions that are not directed towards unity or integration will find their proper implementation. Instead, they will encounter failure, which can lead towards war. This will result in so much suffering that humanity will realize that integration is the only solution to their problems.

This is why I have nothing else to write about the crisis. All attempts to come out of it have so far been unsuccessful; they failed to hit the target. The development scenario leads us towards the goal of nature, although so far in an unfavorable way. This is similar to a child who has to do “the right thing,” but through force and punishment. Regrettably, so far we are going down the “path of suffering” (punishment)—we will have to learn from them….

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