Free Choice In The World Of Infinity?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said once in a lesson that a person needs free choice only when he isn’t sure. Will we have free choice after the end of correction?

Answer: The more we advance towards the Creator, the less we agree with Him, and still we find the internal power to agree each time. When I enter Infinity, I discover that there is no one worse than the Creator.

I don’t agree with Him on anything. I hate Him more than anything. But at the same time I also have the power to rise above this feeling and to feel the opposite: that there is no one higher, more perfect, stronger, and more certain than Him. And so I have to choose: Which way to go? Meanwhile, there is nowhere to go. This is what Infinity is.

In general, we should understand that no matter how high a person rises, the evil inclination is still greater than him. We actually discover creation as “existence from absence,” in contrast to “existence from existence.”

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