Between The Creator And Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can you draw an analogy between the modern stage of development of the world and spiritual development?

Answer: Of course. We go together with all of humanity like Galgalta ve Eynaim with AHP. We are the one percent, and they are the ninety-nine percent. If not for the needs of humanity, we would not have awakened from the corporeal dream. Just as in the past generations, the world today would have had only several Kabbalists.

So, why are there hundreds of thousands, millions, of us today? It is because the world needs us. Everyone who studies and disseminates Kabbalah will become a full-time teacher. I am sure that in the next few years, the world will need the presence of such people in the educational systems and in the areas of culture and politics, everywhere. Everyone will need the special, integrated approach that only we have. It will become necessary for all areas of life, not to mention inner development.

Our path and the path of mankind are naturally interconnected. Today, the need for correction is already ripening in an enormous number of people. Naturally, the process is gradual because the world consists of many parts and layers. The differences are enormous. China, America, Europe, and Africa are different in their mentalities, size, and the nature of their egoism. Overall, all the people represent a pyramid of humanity.

Undoubtedly, one way or another, we have received the right to advance in the direction of freedom and the revelation of the upper force only with one goal: We will have to pass what we will receive to the others. However, we will need to pass it in a suitable form.

In this regard, we are like Bina. Essentially, its upper part pertains to Hochma and is in touch with the Creator, the upper Light. The bottom part is like a mother’s womb for the lower Partzuf. It guarantees its birth, nurturing, and growth. In this way, our upper part constantly aspires toward the Creator, and the bottom part constantly exists among the creatures.

We, Bnei Baruch, are in between like the middle part of Tifferet, between the Creator and the world. We only have the desire to be above with Him and below with humanity. In the middle is our freedom of choice, and in this way, we become similar to the Creator.

After all, the Creator is the maker; He produces, constructs, and fulfills like a mother. We call nature “mother” because it begets, nurtures, and protects us. We must play the same role toward the world. Exerting this attitude full of bestowal, we become like the Creator.

The common Partzuf is divided into five degrees of Aviut (coarseness). The second degree is the most important. It copies Keter, follows the example of the zero degree, and continues it further down. This is our objective. In this way, we unite with the Creator.

The Second Restriction is related to this. As we rise toward Bina, Malchut helps us begin to watch over the world from the new degree.

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/13/2011, “The Freedom”

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