Business In The Integral World

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe world economy stands on the verge of global changes, which essentially boil down to the inevitable, deep, and permanent reduction in demand. This means that industrial capacities producing non-essential items gradually will be shut down. First this will hit weak businesses that have low competitiveness in quality, productivity, and innovation.

The main change that is required is to reject the profit motive, which is the objective of business. Profit will continue to play a role in the functioning of the business, but it will cease to be important in and of itself. What matters is its mission, the purpose it serves.

Today, profit is the main thing in any industry and any method is used to attain it. The profits are used to fulfill the desires of a narrow group of people.

Profit should result from effective economic and industrial activity, serve as a measure of its effectiveness, but be directed at raising every member of society above the poverty level. At the same time, businesses and society must see that the profits of each enterprise be allocated to raise living standards to the level required for existence, as necessary for the survival of society under new conditions.

Of course, shareholders are entitled to receive their share of the profit, but they will strive to develop the enterprises necessary for society. Their investments will be recorded in their personal accounts, and society and public opinion will support them. A percentage of profit and investments should be in the development of integral education and upbringing of the managers, shareholders, and employees of the company because a successful business and its correct public distribution depends mainly on them.

In the integral world, only new business working relationships can fit. The company’s staff is a mechanism of control, and the principle “supervisor-subordinate” relationship will continue to exist, but only within a system of friendly relationships, in unity, striving for a common goal within the company, country, and the world.

Thus, the main objective of entrepreneurs will be to engage millions of people in the creation of a common future: the society of mutual guarantee. Due to mandatory integral education and upbringing, everyone who builds his work on these values will achieve correct results. The formation and development of the value base of employees should become the key priority for entrepreneurs.

Since the motivation of man will cease to be based on material factors, due to the support from the community that provides everything necessary for existence, society must find new methods to motivate people to work effectively, such as the desire for leadership to the benefit of society, public recognition, and so on. No enterprise will be able to become part of the new global economic system if it does not pass through inner spiritual renewal, transformation, and accepts new basic values.

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  1. Greed or not, what the economic crisis has brought about is a reduction in demand due to the high cost of goods, especially consumer goods. This has resulted in a severe lack of employment and an increase in the extent of poverty. So why should a further reduction in demand, as you seem to be asking for, be a good thing?

    (Perhaps I should add that there is an ethical way to raise demand and to increase employment again so that poverty is ended, but I feel that this is counter to what you seek )

    I wish to help in your education aim, how can I do this?

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