Advice On Caring For A Newborn

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the lesson you said that right now the main thing for your students is to grow the feeling born between them (the common desire towards the quality of mutual bestowal), which already exists independently from them on its own, like a newborn who has separated from his mother. What should our next actions be like?

Answer: Now we only need to strive to grow the newborn desire by using the egoism that has appeared in us. We should add it to our common connection and thereby strengthen it, like an athlete who becomes stronger through using the resistance of sports equipment.

Question: Since the connection is realized by the male part of our world group, how does the female part participate in it?

Answer: The female part supports the men in this, obligates, reinforces, and reassures them. It also actively engages in the dissemination of the idea of mutual guarantee, the integrated connection of all of humanity, for the 99%, meaning the general public.

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