An Article About The Integral Upbringing In A German Magazine

A monthly magazine Intuition (Hamburg, Germany) published an article about integral and global upbringing. The article is written on the basis of an interview I gave during my trip to Germany.


The Light Will Open Up The Apple

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does the Creator help us defeat the “Greeks” within us? After all, the “Israel” within me (a person who yearns for the Creator) seems so helpless facing them.

Answer: Yes, it is said that an old foolish king and a clever child struggle with each other. Our nature is the evil inclination, the thick egotistic shell in which one tiny point is hidden, and it has no way of breaking out. This is why we have to awaken ourselves!

The Light Will Open Up The Apple

You are like a little worm sitting inside a bitter radish or an apple. How can you get out? It is impossible. It surrounds you on all sides and there is no way out. You cannot do anything against such forces.

But if there are more friends like you inside, and each one has a point in the heart, then you collect all these points, read The Book of Zohar, and connect to it wanting to understand what is going on and what the Creator wants from us. This way you connect with the upper system and draw the Surrounding Light that reforms.

Then you have a chance, but only thanks to the Light. The Light is the Creator that is revealed to you.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/27/2011, Writings of Rabash

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The Next Moment Is Your Step Forward

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A candle burns steadily as long as there is oil and a wick. How can a person reach the same steadiness?

Answer: The burning cannot be steady. Each moment, a new part of the wick and the oil are revealed, which are in connection and adhesion. So, the inner burning cannot be steady. It is constantly renewed.

In the corporeal world, we can perform a certain action, and since it is performed by one egoistic force, it will continue. It is like eating one candy after another and finding pleasure in them.

In the spiritual world, each time I receive a certain filling and want to go on, I must overcome my desire to receive so that I won’t work with my force of egoism alone. It follows that I constantly need two forces to complete each other so that the force of bestowal will use the force of reception and dominate it each time. For this reason in spirituality, not a single moment can pass by itself. There cannot be actions that simply stem from one another.

We have to constantly withstand the struggle between these two forces and position them correctly one against the other so that the Surrounding Light will empower the good force in us to dominate the evil force, and thus advance. That’s the way it is at any given moment. Otherwise, the moment would not change.

After all, this system is based on the cooperation between two forces: the Creator’s force and the force of the created being. The more the created being adapts to the Creator, the faster the moments go by. This means that you have taken another step forward.

If you are dominated by one force only, the moment does not pass. This is why in the egoistic state, we don’t exist in the spiritual world at all; we cannot be measured there. We are like total zeros standing in the same place. Even steadiness is a continuous walking, a constant renewal of our work.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/25/2011, Writings of Rabash

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Lighting Your Candle

Dr. Michael LaitmanSpirituality is built on diversions from it, on disagreement that is intentionally evoked in a person in order to create in him the right attitude to the revelation of the system that controls us. This system is currently concealed from us because we are unable to reveal it. After all, we are made only of the desire to receive.

If above this desire, we build another desire, the desire to bestow, we will start to understand what bestowal is. Accordingly, we will begin to see and feel the system that governs us, that is external to us and ties us together.

We feel that we are egoistic individuals. Each one thinks about himself and feels only himself. This is the first force that exists in nature. There is a second force that operates in it and ties all these egoists together. But this network remains invisible to us because we lack the senses to discover it.

However, if we overcome all the difficult questions, problems, and disagreements we have with the system that manages us and accept its rule as good and correct (even though our egoistic fragments of the shattered soul do not see that it connects us), we will begin to discover its actions.

Each of us is a little egoist submerged in his little ego. But the connection between us is based on love and belongs to a totally different natural system. When we begin to discover this system, we realize that it operates according to the laws of bestowal.

Lighting Your Candle

If we want to discover this system, we have to rise above ourselves. Now, we aspire to connect using egoistic connections, that is, to spread our egoism in the entire system and to use each other. However, if we disagree with this egoistic intention and rise above our desire as if we aspire to create the right connections, then even if we cannot do that, we will begin to do things that lead in this direction.

First, we will create a group. Then, we will begin to study these new relationships together. This will draw the surrounding Light that reforms. This Light erases the egoistic intentions that one has toward others and changes them to the right ones. Thus, I gradually begin to discover the system in its true form.

Seeing the system helps a person advance. Having discovered it, one begins to use it in his work.

It may not be clear why a person should reveal this system. He could continue working in the state of concealment like it is before the first revelation. But the point is that the revelation gives us extra work. Instead of making it easier, it becomes much harder and adds more questions and difficulties.

It is only by clarifying these questions and difficulties, thanks to our rising above them, that a “wick” forms, a place where the Light can hold in the “oil.” Then, the oil is lit thanks to difficult questions that form the wick. Thus, we advance toward acquiring the desire to bestow.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/25/2011, Writings of Rabash

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Conquering My Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe attributes of a person are divided into two main types: internal factors, which we inherit and are born with, and external factors, which we receive from education, the environment, mass media, and so on. Actually, these factors do not depend on the person, even though they in fact shape his personality and determine his fate. The question arises: How can one improve his life?

It’s here that we need to clarify the factor of the environment. The real environment is not just a combination of external influences, but it’s that same external influence that I created by myself for myself. In order to do this, I need to get into contact with certain external factors and build them correctly in relation to myself so that they’ll influence me in a special, selective way that yields certain results.

It’s in this way that I work independently. I initiate this plan by myself, utilizing the powers that I need, when I know my nature and theirs, and thanks to this, I influence myself. I don’t influence anything outside of me; rather, I use external factors so that they will influence me in a certain way. Thanks to this, I change and then feel myself in a world that changes for the better.

Thus I don’t turn into one of those “benefactors” who change nature and correct the world. On the contrary, I use external forces in order to correct myself and improve my life. One must take into consideration these points because we make mistakes in realizing them, or actually in approaching them.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/25/2011, “The Freedom”

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The Development Of A Spiritual Embryo

Dr. Michael LaitmanAfter experiencing the point of unity during the convention, we must strive towards that same state, towards that strong general unity above all the disturbances of the outside world. It’s as if during the convention a cloud of our united desires, intentions, aspirations, and brotherhood hovered over us.

And although each one of us is now experiencing a different state and we are all thrown in our own directions, we must still try to maintain the same state of unity. If we are able to maintain this point of unity despite all of the disturbances, we grow.

A parent gives you a drop of semen. It is said that the father gives “white semen” (Loven), the mother gives the “red” (Odem), and the Creator gives the soul. You have nothing but a single point, and that is enough. And now you have to grow to the level of Infinity, but how?

This is why you receive additional egoism that serves as the means for your growth. The egoism becomes the “meat” that we have to grow over our point, or the drop of semen. Each time egoism confuses us, kills, and tears us apart. However, we mustn’t pay attention to it and nevertheless must remain in our point of unity. Then, the egoism will become included in this unity, and with our efforts we’ll connect it to the point of unity.

Due to the egoism, this point will begin to grow. At first there is a point in the center of the egoism, and it’s completely surrounded by it. Then it starts to expand and take over the egoism. This is how we grow.

The moment that we overcome all the disturbances of this world and are able to maintain the point of unity attained at the convention, then after few such attempts, we’ll obtain the first full measure called a Partzuf of the full ten Sefirot, or the spiritual birth.

I ask you to continuously re-watch all the convention lessons and events. After all, if a person in his current state goes back to those events, he obtains that previous state along with his new egoism, thereby correcting himself.

Nothing else is needed! Now, through our egoism and through all that’s happening to us, we must grow the spiritual drop of semen that we received at the convention.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/22/2011, “Introduction to TES

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Purification Of The Heart In A Boiling Cauldron

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should we think about during our silent internal convention?

Answer: It isn’t simply our silence and the stillness, but serious internal work. I feel this silence in such a way that it’s as if everyone is speaking! Everyone is performing clarifications, “stewing” together in a large raging cauldron that is boiling on an open fire—in a hurricane of all possible thoughts and sensations.

But we do all this together, simultaneously discerning the meaning of our life, its purpose, and what will happen to us and to me personally? And because of this, the thoughts of each person flow to the rest, get transferred from one to another, mingle together, and cause chaos and confusion.

This requires tremendous efforts, and a habit for this kind of work is necessary here. Kabbalists often used such a method, which allows one to perform a very deep analysis. In the end, you come out of this with a very well-purified head and heart.

The big convention allowed us to ripen for this work. You see that the lessons became different, the discernments are much deeper, and new words have been added. I feel as if a new dictionary has been revealed to me.

It’s like being in some country where my knowledge of the language was limited to only one hundred words that I could use to communicate, and then suddenly I learn one thousand words! Can you imagine how much easier it is for me to communicate and make contact with the others now. This is the kind of change that I feel after the convention, and much more powerful even.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/21/2011, “Introduction to TES

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