The Force That Shines Within You

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe begin our spiritual path by an awakening from Above, from a so-called “point in the heart.” It awakens during one of our reincarnations at a certain moment under certain circumstances. We don’t know why, but a person suddenly lacks a sensation of fulfillment in his desire to enjoy in anything that he does in life.

On the other hand, he starts sensing a new, additional desire that draws him somewhere.  As it often happens in our life, he begins to feel both points simultaneously. Let’s say, he gets disappointed in some work; it seems to him that some other occupation could satisfy him better. He gets dissatisfied in various life situations and at the same time begins to see new possibilities.

The same applies here. Eventually, I become disappointed in my life, and this doesn’t require dramatic circumstances, like bankruptcies or other problems. I simply don’t feel satisfaction. At the same time, I start following a new, unclear direction, and I arrive at a place that seems to better fulfill me.

What’s the difference? So far, there is no difference. Many people join various circles, societies, groups, or New Age spiritual movements, or they fulfill themselves by playing sports or getting involved in various hobbies.

At first, when a person finds the wisdom of Kabbalah, it’s not clear to him what’s going on and how this is different from other places. He hears: “If you want to achieve anything, you should join the group,” but this idea doesn’t seem to be special since there are so many other places where the same condition is brought forward.

Very seldom is a person required to unite with others; usually it entails an exquisitely external effort. Every so often he is expected to make an internal effort to connect with others, for example, let’s say a military unit in which everybody should take care of others in order to achieve the goal, which is clearly egoistic.

This is very different in a Kabbalistic group. They say: “Only by reaching bestowal will you gain a general force of giving.” But where do you get it? Not only should you strive to connect with your friends, but you also should demand that a new special force reveals itself from within your unity.

This force will reveal itself as a result of your new activities, meaning your desire to connect in a non-egoistic way, like in a military team, but rather in accordance with advice of Kabbalists, the teachers who lead us towards a new upper dimension. If you listen to what they say and read what they write about the upper dimension, you’ll join the group and will try to reach unity with your friends. You’ll also learn how to love your friends, and you’ll read books that elucidate the connection and love between you.

You should expect that the books and the efforts to connect with others will reveal a new force called “bestowal and love.” Thus you will grow from within this force of love and bestowal. The upper force that shines within you will grant you this sensation.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/1/2011, Writings of Rabash

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