The Crisis In The EU Hit Cocaine Consumers

In the News (from EMCDDA): “The ‘Annual report 2011: the state of the drug problem in Europe’ shows drug use to be relatively stable in Europe, with some positive signs that cocaine use may have peaked and that cannabis use continues to decline among young people.

“Recent surveys of cocaine use reveal some positive signs in countries most affected. Denmark, Spain, Italy and the UK for example — four of the five countries with highest levels of use — report some decline in last-year cocaine use among young adults (15–34 years), echoing the trend observed in Canada and the United States. Recent targeted surveys in recreational settings in some countries have also shown a decrease in cocaine use.

“‘The financial burden associated with regular cocaine use may make it a less attractive option in countries where austerity is now the order of the day,’ states the report. The average retail price of cocaine in most EU countries ranges between EUR 50 and EUR 80 per gram.”

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