Achieve More Than Me!

Convention at the Arava DesertQuestion: How can we help each other at this convention so that everyone will be able to rise above himself?

Answer: First of all, if I am thinking about rising above myself, thus I help others. It is enough that I “plug” my personal “hole at the bottom of the boat.” This is one thing.

Second, if I think about others and care about them, I help them. Third, my concern for others is expressed in the fact that I see my friends who have invested so much effort, time, strength, and money against many disturbances, and I want to reach such a state when my effort contributes to their spiritual attainment because they deserve more than I do.

I am concerned that they do not disconnect from the correct intentions, true desires, the connection between us. In my desire, I am so worried that they do not “fall” and think only about that.

This concern is the best protection possible in our state, and it ensures that not a single person falls out of this mutual guarantee between us, and we are always above our ego. Everyone should be on alert, thinking only about his friends, like a mother who cares about all her children.
From Lesson 1, Arvut Convention at the Arava Desert 11/18/2011

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