Questions About Group Meetings And Fulfillment Of Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In our group, a certain number of friends meet when they have free time. I feel that these meetings get in the way of deep unity between all the friends in the group.

There are more and more objections to such meetings. We think that we should meet not as separate groups but all together. How should we behave? If we continue in this way, then how can we explain this to the friends who are against such meetings?

Answer: It is desirable to meet at least once a week for my Sunday lesson, festive meal, and the gathering of friends. Come with your families and spend a few hours together so it becomes your tradition.

Question: You talk about love and filling the desires of others unconditionally. If one satisfies these desires, he boosts the ego, and that creates a sense of superiority. What desires are you talking about, and how can a person fulfill them, without thinking about himself?

Answer: To love the other means to fill his or her desire for spirituality because all the other desires (except for life’s necessities) are to a person’s detriment!

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