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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I don’t understand what is written in The Study of the Ten Sefirot, how it relates to us, and why I need to study it?

Answer: Everything we can perceive and come to know (ourselves and our environment) makes up our life, the sensation of our existence. If our senses were turned off, we would stop perceiving both ourselves and the world. We are but various desires for fulfillment that are different from one another. We are all connected between us by a network of connections, like cells of a living organism. And all of us, connected together with many connections, are swimming in a “soup” of the property of love and bestowal, referred to as our Creator.

Our perception of life and this world is the perception of the connection between us. Perception is either its fulfillment or the lack thereof in everyone’s individual desires. The desires of fulfillment give us the perception of this world. The desires to fulfill others, the system of connection between us or the Creator, give us the perception of the general connection, its similarity to the property of bestowal, the “soup,” the Creator.

So, The Study of the Ten Sefirot and all Kabbalah books in general narrate about the revelation of this system of connections between us, the Creator, to the extent of our efforts. That is, it tells us how this system becomes revealed, in what order, and also about its interconnections.

This is what Kabbalists have discovered, and this is what they are describing to us. We don’t understand what we are reading because it’s only possible to understand what we already perceive, and we don’t yet perceive the upper world. However, even reading about this system without understanding evokes the influence of forces on us, meaning the reforming Light (the quality of bestowal), our Source, and brings its revelation closer to us.

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