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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You once wrote that the word “crisis” has an opposite meaning, but how does it correlate with Kabbalah? After all, we do not see that the crisis itself corrects, and we need, as you write, to reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah for it?

Answer: Look at what Baal HaSulam writes about it in the article “The Peace”: “This means that the corrupt conducts in the states of humanity are the very ones that generate the good states. And each good state is nothing but the fruit of the work in the bad state that preceded it.”

Indeed, good and evil must not be evaluated according to the evaluation of the state as is, but it must be done according to the general purpose of creation, where every state that brings humanity closer to the goal is considered to be good, and the states that distance humanity from the goal are considered to be bad. The “law of development” is based only on this. According to this law, the lack of correction and the sin that are contained in the state cause and build a good state.

The period of existence of every state is strictly predetermined; it is the time required for the growth of the amount of evil contained in the state until it becomes big enough that people will no longer be able to be in it. And then the society will need to unite, break it, and move into a better state from the perspective of correction of the given generation.

The period of existence of the new state also lasts until the sparks of evil in it rise and mature so much that it will be no longer be possible to tolerate it. And then once again humanity will need to break this state and build a more comfortable one instead. It is in this way that states alternate and are evaluated one after another, one degree at a time, until we reach a state that will be so corrected that it won’t have even a spark of evil in it.

Thus it follows that the essence of all the seeds and grains, which grow into and are the origin of the good states, is nothing but the actual uncorrected states. This means that all the evil deeds, which are revealed and done by the sinners of the generation, are put together and weighed until they become so heavy that the society can no longer tolerate them. And then people rise, break this state, and create a more desired one. Thus, every separate evil becomes the condition for the appearance of the force of rejection, which enables the development of the righteous state.

Now compare this to the original post about the crisis.

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