There Is Only One Last Step To Make

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do we say that the system is perfect if I am missing in it?

Answer: The system of the worlds that expanded from the world of Infinity to our world is perfect. Only the Light is missing in it. The system is in a small state (Katnut), which is the minimal Light necessary for existence; it is only filled with the Light of Hassadim (Mercy).

If we receive the desire to live, we have to be incorporated in this system. We make up Malchut, the last part of the system. There is only one point in Malchut through which we can enter the system and bring our desire into it. It isn’t about the egoistic desire of a certain individual, but rather our common desire. In other words, it is the desire to bestow.

If I bring the desire to bestow into Malchut, if my friends and I want to become as one man, then this desire to be a single whole is not the personal desire of each one, but our common desire. This is called the “prayer of the many,” and it is received in Malchut.

In this case, it becomes the tenth Sefira of all the ten Sefirot, before which there are nine Sefirot, five worlds. We make up the last point, the Malchut of all the worlds. This is where we bring our desire to connect, meaning to bestow, and thus we activate the first nine Sefirot, the attributes of bestowal. They begin to influence us according to our aspiration for bestowal, and thus they correct us.

The last Sefira, Malchut, becomes the desire to bestow and enlivens the first nine Sefirot and all the upper worlds. It unites with them in a general merger into one system.

This is how we enter the upper system and get to know it. Then we actually begin to attain everything that we read about in The Study of Ten Sefirot: Atik, Arich Anpin, their actions, Aba ve Ima, and ZON that ascend and descend, the interaction between the different parts of the spiritual Partzufim, and drops of Light that trickle (Mazalin) from Above . We see all these relationships between our spiritual roots, get to know them, and can already start to activate them based on our knowledge of the system.

I become familiar with everything in it. It’s as though I see that here is the supermarket, the bank, myself, my family, my relatives, the distant ones, and so on. This is how I begin learn about the upper system and advance in it.

Then the Kabbalah books become manuals for me and not just a miraculous remedy (Segula). It’s like buying a washing machine, for example, and opening the manual to read about how to operate it. This is how I open The Study of the Ten Sefirot and see how to activate the upper system.

I can even manage without a book, as it says: “Man’s soul will teach him.” I can learn about the system even without the books and become integrated in it.

And all this is right before us! There is only one last step to make.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/4/2011, Shamati #42

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