The Revelation Of The Acting Mind

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe developed from one generation to another by striving to grow our desire to receive pleasure and fulfill it with everything possible. This fulfillment only increases our desire because the moment I receive 100, I immediately want 200, and once I receive 200, I want 400. When fulfillment comes to egoistic desire, it only teases it and pushes it to search for new fulfillment.

Ten pounds of fulfillment enters ten pounds of desire and creates an additional desire inside, which could fit an additional ten pounds of fulfillment within it, in other words, I already want twenty pounds, and so on. Thus fulfillment only increases the desire because it neutralizes the pleasure and thereby produces a new desire, twice the size of the previous one.

And now, according to nature’s program, we are beginning to reveal that we are unable to fulfill our egoistic desire. And on the other hand, we discover that this same desire connects us together. In other words, it is no longer every person’s individual desire that separates them from everyone else, but a desire connected with others. And this creates a double problem.

This development has a special goal: to attain the Creator’s mind. When I only develop inside my egoism, as it has been throughout our entire history, I do not attain any acting intelligence; I do not think about the Creator, someone standing behind me.

But when our egoistic desire begins to manifest itself as an interconnected desire that pertains to a single system, I begin to regard myself in relation to this system. Possibly, I don’t yet understand what is happening, but I already see that there is a separation between what I am able to understand and internalize with my individual, personal mind compared to that which is happening in the world. After all, the world represents a certain enormous system where everything is interconnected: all parts of science, all processes, and all phenomena.

With my individual, isolated mind, I am not able to perceive this system, to fit into it, and to use it for my benefit. This is exactly why today humanity is feeling so helpless. And all of this is in order for us to understand the acting mind, which today is beginning to become revealed to us within the common, perfect system, where all the parts are connected and dependant upon each other.

And if everything is so connected, it turns out that we’re not able to advance, control our state, and improve it. We’re not able to operate in such a state at all, and this is what is now being revealed to humanity. This is done on purpose so that we will advance through this helplessness towards the attainment of the acting mind that governs this system from within.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/21/2011, “The Acting Mind”

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