Competition Without A Winner

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Besides everything else, we have to establish contact with economists, but they are guided by specific computational models. We have not developed our own economic model. What axioms should it be based on?

Answer: First of all, we have to accept as a fact that the capitalistic model of the last 70-80 years went bankrupt. A race for consumer goods and services is no longer possible for several reasons: Resources are being depleted, the environment is polluted, and overall, the system no longer functions. We clearly see now that it goes against Nature’s development. It’s not realistic to keep increasing production and consumption; on the contrary, the tendency switched to bearish (downward moving) market activities.

We still want more, but it doesn’t work out. Human society is naturally developing in the other direction, towards unity, and absolutely not to where an egoistic economist would want to lead us. Nothing can be done: Regardless of what they think, everything is developing differently.

As a result, we find ourselves in a crisis, although in reality, it is not a crisis but a dead-end. Our own deadlocked way of thinking puts us into a hopeless situation. Thus, we need to open our eyes and realize that Nature sets a different course. It has its own program, and our counter plans won’t stop it. A stubborn child is sometimes allowed to do something on his or her own in order to learn from their error and to find themselves in a deadlock. And humanity is in that same situation now.

Thus, we have to show evidence that is supported by Nature itself: We are required to be in balance with it, meaning that we have to lower ourselves to the level of a balanced economy. Gradually, we have to “climb down the tree,” and go in a completely different direction, build a new paradigm, and look at life, ourselves, the family institution, employment, and so on through that prism.

First of all, there is no need for everyone to be working 8-10 hours a day. What is it needed for? Look at what is happening to our children. It’s better for them to stay with their mothers. That’s how it has been for ages, and only in the last hundred years we moved the rural population, both men and women, into cities and factories. Free the people from this yoke.

Then children will be getting a good education supported by an “adjusted” television and Internet. Finally, mothers will be spending time with them instead of sending them to full-time day care. Is it a right thing to do to leave a one or two month old baby out of the home from morning till evening? What is it needed for? What good does it do? Who is winning from that? Billions in profits for the rich, besides increasing their bank accounts, bring harm to everyone, and also stop bringing pleasure to them as well.

Thus, we have to build a new perception of the world, a new outlook on life: Everyone is working as much as it is needed for social balance, and not for an imposed “prosperity.” Real prosperity reflects a blossoming of our relationships, with a feeling of life being full, and not an exhausting competition. We’ve had enough of competition with each other for imaginary prizes that melt in our hands.

It’s necessary to consciously and thoughtfully, with the help of upbringing, bring “everyone down to earth” and put their feet firmly on the ground after this prolonged stay with our heads in the clouds of illusions. Otherwise there will be a crash, and we will be learning via troubles and suffering. Thus it’s better to initiate changes through education and alleviate the blows society will have to go through.

We simply have no other choice. The new economy has to gradually lower us to a level of balanced consumption.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/21/2011, “One Commandment”

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  1. I have always felt that women should stay home with their children during the first few years, at least for half of the day. I know women in the United States are required to return to their jobs after six months of maternity leave. By law, they are not paid after that. So, for some the pressure to make money makes them leave. But, if a person cannot afford the time or money to have a child I don’t think they should have them. Hope that doesn’t sound harsh, but those are my feelings on it.

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