“Occupy” Protesters Find Allies In Ranks Of The Wealthy

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Todaynews): “The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters — also known as the ’99 percent’ — have struck a chord with at least a few members of an unexpected audience: America’s rich and privileged.

“United under the banner ‘We are the 1 percent: We stand with the 99 percent,’ a band of entrepreneurs, trust fund babies, professionals and inheritors has taken to the web to share their abhorrence of corporate greed and support for tax code changes that would see them pay a higher share of their considerable wealth.

“Among other things, they’re posting their stories on a Tumblr page created by Wealth for the Common Good and Resource Generation, two groups dedicated to working for ‘fair taxation and just wealth distribution.’

“Farhad A. Ebrahimi, 33, who shares his inherited wealth through a charity that he founded, says he attends the Occupy Boston protest every day. … At the protest, he often wears a homemade T-shirt that reads: ‘I’m a member of the 1 percent and I fully support the 99 percent’ on the front, and, ‘Tax me, I’m good for it,’ on the back.”

My Comment: Thus, we are getting closer to understanding the solution to the question of shifting to a society of equal, reasonable consumption. Their funds should be used to organize a common, worldwide, integral upbringing for everyone, especially the unemployed, which will replace their working hours and have their studies be considered the same as work because there won’t be other work in the future!

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