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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can The Zohar really become a book for all people, and not just for people with a point in the heart? Or is The Zohar just like any other book to those without a point in the heart?

Answer: The time will come when every person in the world will understand that we are all connected with one another through a certain network of connection. Educated people who are interested in what is happening in the world, who work with it, study it, and examine it are already discovering this.

There are also people who simply have this inner feeling; they are the ten percent of humanity who are altruists and feel the entire world as interconnected. But the fact that the world is interconnected doesn’t really mean anything, people simply think they must treat others well because everyone is tied together.

But when I must involve the world to the extent of my knowledge about the common connection, and when none of the connection nets in our world work: the supply or the education nets, and the industrial or financial sector nets—none of the connections between the people work, then I must know how to fix them. This means I must study. How can I find out about it, where do I learn it? It is not written about it anywhere. Is there a university that teaches it? Where is the map that depicts all my connections with everyone else? None of this exists!

Yet, this network must be revealed between us. How does it become revealed? It becomes revealed when we feel it is vital for us because we want a safe, comfortable, and happy life for ourselves and our children, one without natural phenomenon or blows coming from all directions.

Therefore, we must attain the proper connection between us. So how do we attain it? Kabbalists say: “This special book called The Zohar describes the proper connections between us. Read it if you aspire towards this.” And then I open this book, read one page after another, and I see that it works.

People will see that it works because that is what happens when a large mass of people begin to study. At a minimum, they will somehow need to be connected with Kabbalistic sources, just like religious people read these books today without knowing its inner meaning. The entire Torah speaks about the connection between people, but today they study it in a different way.

We still need to complete The Zohar for All, which we have already started working on, in order to give it to the world since it will be part of the study. People will not be able to manage without this book, as it is written: “The Zohar will help everyone come out of exile, and not just the one percent.” Everyone will need to study it to some extent.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/2011, The Zohar

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