Questions on The Economy, Government, And Life’s Purpose

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In response to the blog entry, Economics Done By The Balance Formula, there appears to be another dimension here, concerning resources. To cut down our use of non-renewable resources like oil will only extend the availability of these resources. But it’s still a very finite matter. It seems that to make the argument convincing, we need to show that this will indeed be long enough for new replacement resources to become available.

Answer: We don’t have to economize, but only use all the means for a balanced economy of reasonable necessities.

Question: What is the role of government for our next generation?

Answer: We have to educate the masses through the right environment (dissemination), and they will in turn demand changes from the government.

Question: Why do we talk about improving our life on Earth through mutual guarantee, etc.? Is not the aim of creation to progress beyond the physical life on Earth and enter spiritual unity? Will peace in the world not sink us deeper into this dreamlike state we think is reality?

Answer: That’s because for 99% of the world’s population, improving their lives is the purpose of life. And only for the 1%, those who have a point in the heart, the embryo of the soul, is the purpose of life to reveal the upper world. But by uniting together as Galgalta Eynaim and AHP, we reveal the upper world together.

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