On A Little Raft

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Which incentives will the new economics provide people with? What will drive them forward?

Answer: We need to create an environment around a person that will turn pleasure, which today seems to be abstract, into “candy.” Everyone says: “This is tasty,” and he begins to look around. Everyone exclaims: “This is great,” and he starts searching. “This is amazing!” and everyone screams with excitement. Then a person begins to suspect that they really have something worthwhile, something that he needs.

This spurs a person forward: “Why don’t I have it? Why am I not in the same position as everyone else?” Social influence is a powerful factor. Ninety-nine percent of all our actions are its consequence. Man came out of a cave and acquired his modern form only due to the environment that constantly goaded and pushed him, pointing to the things he lacked.

In general, the cave was a wonderful, very environmentally-friendly dwelling with a great climate. It has a stable temperature year round. There was meat, fire, and a calm, peaceful atmosphere, which did not inspire any desires other than those for basic needs….

Everything in excess to the animal level is exclusively caused by the environment. Man’s calling to develop agriculture, crafts, and commerce does not appear out of nothing. Society rouses these desires.

And now, with the invention of advertising, we don’t have a choice but to convince the world of the need for a system of education that explains what tomorrow will be like, a system that models what the future will be.

We need to promote the good life. But government is slow to make changes. So what is left for us to do? We are to develop this system on the Internet with our own strengths and spread it via every accessible channel.

I have had meetings with the UN and UNESCO executive representatives, and my opinion remains the same: We must do everything on our own. After all, we can bring the Light that Reforms. In this case, our individualism is not a flaw, but an advantage because we are not limited by external limitations. We can do exactly what we are capable of doing and what we consider necessary. We worry for the success of our enterprise, and in the end, we will simply be obligated to evoke the Light that will flow through the system we have built.

Even if the system appears to be weak, like a little raft on the waves of a virtual ocean, it doesn’t matter. Everyone will hear its call letters because the force of the Light is in it. Let the Light do its work. This is what our approach should be.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/2011, “Peace in the World”

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