Mutual Guarantee Is Something To Envy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What will an egoist, who finds himself in a society of mutual guarantee, envy?

Answer: He will envy that the people around him have something that he lacks. They enjoy their lives, their relationships, while he does not have that kind of relationships and doesn’t enjoy life.

Ultimately, I am speaking about the desire and pleasure. If a miracle happens and your attitude towards your neighbor changes, you will perceive an eternal world. You will feel that you should live and at the same time receive a billion times more than you receive in this world. This entire world feeds from a spark that created it as it broke through from the upper world. All the pleasures here are merely a spark of the upper Light, which you reveal in the spiritual world.

It’s impossible to convey it; however, a person gradually realizes that there is a huge benefit in this: I am liberated and come out of myself, I am never sick, I rise above life and death, I am completely submerged in infinity, infinite fulfillment, and perfection. And all I need to do to achieve this is to switch internally from the “for me” mode to the “for others” mode.

In reality, a person suffers a lot in his life without even realizing it. We have already become accustomed to a constant rush, pressure, different responsibilities, and fears. Is it really possible to live without concerns, limitations, and worries? We don’t know what it is to be free, when all the goodness is before you and nothing limits you.

If we could only make people see for themselves what they can acquire in comparison to their current lives on, they would see that they are in the worst state, in the worst of the worlds. And they are free to exit: all they need to do is switch their attention from “for me” to “for us.” In the end, everything depends on our dissemination, the “agitation,” as Baal HaSulam refers to it.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/2011, “Peace in the World”

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