A System With One Degree Of Freedom

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Light created the point of desire, the only creature, “out of absence.” And around this point, it was necessary to build a system in which this point could reach the level of the Light that begot it: to come to it in full understanding and conscious sensation.

All this had to be provided to the point except for one thing: freedom of choice in its development. However, all other means, qualities, and preconditions had to be granted.

It follows that there has to be a bridge between the Light and the point of darkness. The bridge has to become a system by which the Light makes a path to diminishing itself down to the level of the black point that emerged out of nothing.

The dark point in itself is opposite to the Light. It needs to absorb all forms that exist on the bridge between it and the Light. When it will include all existing forms into itself in the shape of internal preparations called “informational genes” (Reshimot), it will find itself on the opposite end of the system of the worlds. Then, under the influence of its own awakenings that arise from within, it will be able to begin to climb the degrees of these worlds and will come to know the Light by itself.

All means come to it from Above: the informational genes, the Light, forces, desires, and states. All of them, but one: The creature always retains the freedom of choice and decides by itself whether to use them for the sake of ascent or not. And this is the key!

Just as with the example of the Host and the guest: The guest is not at fault that he is hungry and has a good appetite. He is not at fault that he is poor! Nor is he at fault that there is a generous and powerful Host who knows precisely what appetite, desires, and taste the guest has, and who has prepared for him a suitable fulfillment, both in terns of quality and quantity.

Nothing hurts the guest’s dignity here if he knows how to behave with self-respect and not to rush to eat. If he knows how to conduct himself well, his shortcomings turn into merits, his weaknesses transform into courage, and his worries and complaints become a blessing of sanctity.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/6/2011, “Pticha

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