Strikes And Riots All Over The World

Opinion: (K.Bessmertny, columnist): We are constantly getting news about strikes, street riots, marches, and protests. Socio-economic instability has spread over Lithuania and Latvia; Iceland is currently in deep crisis; news about protest meetings are coming from Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Italy, Germany, France, Finland, Argentina, and so on.

The global economic crisis is causing the spread of the mood of protest around the world day by day. According to the International Labor Organization, as a result of dramatic events in the world economy, the global unemployment figures can rise by 50 million, and around 200 million workers in developing countries may be driven into extreme poverty.

The number of those driven below the poverty line, with incomes not exceeding $2 per family member, may rise to 1.4 billion or 45% of the total number of workers. If we compare what is happening nowadays with the Great Depression in the 30s, there is a huge difference in the feeling of hope, which we are lacking now.There is a general feeling of an imminent disaster, low spirits, and the inability to change anything. We don’t even have to rely on our feelings—we can refer to public surveys.

Nowadays, 80 percent of citizens in the U.S. think that the country is heading in the wrong direction and that the government is controlled by a small group that is only pursuing its own interests and not caring for the people. The result of the development of the crisis can be a world war. The crisis is raising the question of the ineffectiveness and inhumanity of this economic relationship model which is only beneficial for a thin social stratum of those possessing power and capital.

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