With What Right Do You Threaten The Rich?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In Israel, a new phenomenon is arising: threats directed at the rich. People accuse them of becoming rich at the expense of the nation and demand that they return the money….

Answer: Suppose I was born in China to a royal family, and you are the son of my gardener. Are we guilty of that? No. But in the meantime I am being prepared for life in high society, and you, to mow the lawn. Can we, in some way, compare ourselves? We don’t know all the hidden reasons as to why we have such destinies. Could it be that in the previous incarnation the situation was the opposite? In order to come to conclusions, one needs to see the entire picture, which will remain hidden from our eyes until the very end of correction.

Some people are successful in life, and others receive inheritances from their parents. Some make a career on the Internet in their youth, whereas you and I don’t have enough intelligence or maybe luck to do that. This means that we simply don’t know, don’t see, where it all begins and ends.

People don’t merely become rich. Some received money through an inheritance, and for others the conditions were “arranged” from Above, according to their efforts, abilities, and the general plan.

Hence, if a person is rich within a legislative framework and according to the accepted norms of society, you can not ask him for his money. He paid his taxes. He is clean before the society. It is true that after taxes he keeps 5 million dollars and you only keep 500. But with what right do you intend to confiscate his property, which is like threatening a stranger with a knife in a dark alley?

And you also want to call it “justice?” On what basis?

If you show contempt for the rich and curse them, it is because you are jealous of them. How would you describe justice to yourself if you were in his place? It is similar to the Bolsheviks in Russia who forcefully confiscated the capitalists’ money.

You must understand that “initiatives” of this kind stem from the desire to destroy the country. They will never build, they can only destroy. A person who calls this “justice” is actually working cunningly for the detriment of all, and above all, for the detriment of the poor. In this way we won’t achieve anything.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/6/2011, “Peace in the World”

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  1. Thank you. I’m really glad you said this. I didn’t grow up in a rich family. But I moved away from my family and now live in a very wealthy neighborhood and live a good life materialistically. I can understand the struggles of those without wealth, but I have also had them blame me for having what I do and blaming anyone else in the same position. It is jealousy, because I worked honestly and hard to get to where I am at. I try to help those who don’t have their basic needs met meet them so they can be in a position to think about things spiritual instead of material worries, etc. But a lot of times, I see them complain and think others owe them their money. I never understood this, because even anyone who has more money than me right now, earned it through putting long hours in at work or they got it from their family. That is their business and I don’t believe as some do, that I have a right to think I am entitled to a portion of it. Thank you for mentioning this. This is something I have encountered a lot during the past 15 years.

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