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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we be sure that if we connect now, we will immediately see improvement in life? Maybe it will suddenly get even worse?

Answer: To the extent that we try to join together, we receive a greater revelation in feeling and understanding and the alleviation of all our states, including the corporeal ones. It all depends only on our efforts.

Even the Ari, before his death, said to his students that if they really wanted to advance, he wouldn’t be taken from them and wouldn’t have died. And now he has deceased from the world because there is no need for him. He wasn’t necessary to them. They shouted: “How could that be, we need you so much!” But actually, they didn’t need him, and he died, no longer manifesting though a physical body.

However, if we had a desire to advance in the direction of giving and uniting, we would immediately see positive results. Surely, we would not be able to measure them according to egoistic gains for otherwise, we would never be able to exit our egoism. We see them in bestowal, in our ability to connect, in the same yearning that we discover. It is called the Reflected Light, inside of which the Direct Light is revealed. After all, I wanted to be in bestowal, in unity, and now I discover that I am able to. I see my advancement in bestowal, that’s my reward.

And if I am in bestowal, I will see see improvement for the better in corporeal life as well: a normal life. This is the law of nature: Success is promised to you. There are people who have no problems with money or health, but they are not satisfied with their lives. And you reach a state where you will be satisfied from everything. Really, you will have everything! The Creator, the force of Light, doesn’t lack anything. He could print dollars for you infinitely.

The moment the direction is changed, we immediately, almost instantly, see the results. If the entire nation began to approach mutual guarantee, we would see how everything would begin to calm down: The rockets would cease to fall on us; inflation would stop; there would be fewer road accidents—all our daily life would be normalized. I am saying this in complete seriousness.

We only need to match ourselves to the law of mutual guarantee, to change our direction, each one according to his understanding. Nothing more is asked of us. In his article “The Peace,” Baal HaSulam wrote that if we accepted this law, then within just a few years we would reach full prosperity in all areas: health, standard of living, children’s education, state management, the nation’s relation to the government, and security.

After all, all of our problems originate only from the lack of our compatibility to nature. There is no other law than the balance of nature, equivalence of form. The Creator created the desire to receive and said: “He must be similar and equal to me!” And since then, everything revolves around only that. There is nothing else, starting from the first restriction and the decision to transform into being similar to Him. This is called the law of equivalence of form. If we don’t implement it, we will suffer only to agree to implement it at the end of the day.

The only freedom we have is to choose how we want to advance: by the carrot or the stick. The choice is yours.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/2011, Rabash’s letter

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  1. Thank you! This is true, when we give, it takes the focus off of ourselves and our lives change and things get better. There isn’t any anxiety or things not working out, because our lives are not attached to corporeal outcomes. Things do improve.

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