Principles Of Spiritual Work – 9.9.2011

Dr. Michael LaitmanA collection of tips and principles of spiritual work studied during the Daily Kabbalah Lesson

The Truth Only Comes Forth Through Difficult Work

Spiritual work consists of preferring the truth to everything else: falsehood and sweetness vs. bitterness. When I hold onto this truth, I start attaining perfection and eternity, which I did not previously know. When I place the truth above everything else, without preferring anything else, I ultimately learn that there was nothing but it.

When the desire to receive pleasure rises above the point of one’s creation, it becomes included in the thought of the upper one where it had not yet actually existed, but was only in potential. It disappears in the upper one to such an extent that it begins to perceive eternity. All the steps that we take to return to our root remain in us.

When we ascend them, we collect them and include them within us. This is why this entire process, our entire history, becomes the inner part of our existence. We experience all the states described in the books of Kabbalah on our path. We include them within us, and we feel as one whole with all the souls of the Kabbalists who have already completed the entire path of the return to the world of Infinity.

There is nothing but desire. The place of the spiritual world is desire, similar to the Creator’s desire. The place of the corporeal world is desire opposite to that of the Creator.
When a person wants to attain the Creator, he has all the means necessary to attain it: the environment, the books, and the teacher. They can help him analyze the strength of his actual desire to come to the Creator.

My constant free choice is how much more important I deem them to be in comparison to myself, meaning whether they are more important than me or whether I am more important than they. I really have an opportunity to measure it. If the Creator revealed Himself to me, I would completely cancel myself before Him. I would be like a slave, a machine, and I would not attain my essence. I would not come to exist on the level of the Creator Himself.

When one bestows, the source of infinite pleasure suddenly becomes revealed to the extent of his desire for it. An infinite force appears, infinite reason, infinite feelings, and He fulfills everyone. This is referred to as accepting the Creator’s form, the form of something eternal that was unknown until then. When one begins to act this way toward others, he begins to perceive Him.

I feel the world’s pain and suffering to the extent that I fulfill it, and then I fulfill its desires. In the end, I do a preparation on my part and ease the spiritual advancement of others. I receive Kelim (vessels) from them and the Light from the Creator, and this gives me increasingly greater fulfillment, all the way to infinity.

Local dissemination work is very important. You want to have a connection with someone, influence him, and all the Lights go through you.

The soul is the desire to receive pleasure that took on the intention to bestow, which can connect to your neighbor for his sake. Love is giving your neighbor what he desires, instead of giving him what you desire. When you are in a state of bestowal, even the lack of fulfillment is perceived as a reason to fulfill.

Lesson Preparation

The Zohar is a special book that describes a special state when a person who receives fulfillment from above passes spiritual force to others. This book describes how one feels when he reveals a new reality.

Certainly, we do not understand these states, and we do not exist in them. However, if we wish to be in them, we begin coming closer to them. The writings in this book influence us and bring us closer to them.

The People

Economics is a mold of our egoism. We are connected through different relationships, and we want to weigh, measure, and regulate them. We establish different types of connections between us to provide for ourselves, and these connections are measured with a science referred to as “economics.”

The foundation of economics is to measure the relationships between us. We need to understand how we provide the means of existence for ourselves and for others, how we connect to “fulfill” one another for the sake of our own fulfillment, and how the net of our interconnection intertwines. Its expansion signals that a big, egoistic vice will be manifested in it soon, and we will need to correct it.

There is a connection between us, and today, we are beginning to reveal that this is a bad, broken connection. This form of connection kills and destroys us. This is why our entire work is only between us, and just as an old, broken world is the result of an egoistic connection, a new corrected world will be a result of mutual bestowal.

Our only correction is to unite, become the “Light for the nations,” and show the path of correction to the entire world. Today, the world is helpless. Its best minds do not know what to do. Our time is coming now. Once we do what we need to do, we will merit the respect and gratitude of the world.

This is why we need to disseminate more, explain more, and be the ones to give the correct example. We are entering the time of practical Kabbalah, where its entire purpose is the correction of man.

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