Unity As The Method Of Solving The Crisis, Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Ludger Kühnhardt, Professor of Political Science, Director at the Center for European Integration Studies, Bonn University): “The 21st century, unlike the period after the Congress of Vienna, is no longer a zero-sum game of winners and losers. Rather, it is a century of multiple networked nodes.

“The better these nodes are connected with each other, the more they will resonate with the best ideals and principles Europe and the United States stand for. This lesson of history is yet to be discovered by those who try to reinvigorate a common transatlantic frame of mind. This effort goes well beyond the surface of debates on a ‘declining’ West and of U.S. ‘exceptionalism.’”

My Comment: Ah, if only politicians understood the world as scientists, or if scientists had an opportunity to operate as politicians! How can we “cross” them to produce a new type of man who understands and performs?

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  1. here is the problem. We in modern life take one of two paths usually. Left or right if you will.

    The ‘cool’ and ‘popular’ people who are arrogant, egotistical, and achieve success by brute force (Aka jocks, sports players, etc from childhood) and typically neglect the mind are one route. These ‘cool’ people have power, and typically gain their power via vampirism, draining others of power by ‘winning’, disgracing them and sapping their strength into themselves. Bullies. They are quite good at what they do, and people follow them because of their ‘confidence’, their energy and how much they think of themselves. This is a legitimate power, although it is base and old. It is strong, but has no mind. Heart without mind.

    The ‘nerds’ are usually the nice kids, who either get picked on or who refuse to do so out of pity or weakness. They usually excel at intellectual pursuits, but are poor at sports and competition. They are brilliant at seeing what is needed and how to achieve it, but they lack the practical skills to make it happen. This is the typical absent minded professor. They have sight but no confidence. They are the polar opposites of the ‘body’ focused people. Minds have legitimate power also, but they have weak hearts or bodies. Mind without heart.

    The key is a hybrid. This rarely, rarely rarely exists. As all society teaches polarity here in the US at least. Are you democrat or republican? Nerd or jock? Left or right brained? OR OR OR OR OR… We need AND!

    The hybrids I have met are quite rare, and are typically the deepest individuals. They see the sad divide and want to unify it. The trick is not choosing OR but choosing all. If we develop our hearts AND minds, we will have confidence and sight. Power and awareness. These were the Jedi if you will, but they have been destroyed and exiled by corruption and darkness.

    To hybridize, find someone who is literally your enemy. If you are a nerd, find a jock. If you are a jock, find a nerd. Befriend them, telling them that if we learn from one another we will be significantly more powerful, and will become true leaders. These people are rare because to walk the middle line means to break out of convention. It means standing alone in a crowd of people. It means feeling okay with total self actualization. It has to be sought, and for a special reason.

    The weakness of the hearts and minds by themselves is that they must feed on others. Either by being smarter or overpowering with force. Vampires if you will, as the heart involves blood, are the hearts without minds. Terminators, or machines, stone hearts, are the minds without heart. They need to feed to keep themselves ‘afloat’, to keep feeling confident and thus project their power into reality. This hunger, this lack, in hearts is precisely because of lies, the bane of the mind, that they tell themselves to pump up their ego. I have witnessed this first hand in college. The lack in the minds is that they feel unliked, this hunger is different, but identical to the heart issue because they need to keep outsmarting people even if they are wrong in order to feel confident. This is why education is suffering especially in math and science. The minds harm students, making them suffer to learn, as opposed to making it joyful.

    The solution? Hybrid! Source power and growth not in domination in either path, mind or heart, but in connections and unity! When both people link together on the same level, they teach each other, and ascend together! Then where does the energy come from? Not from either one, but from the force itself. This is the anti-vampire. The Symbiot if you will. The zerg protoss hybrid (see starcraft). The source of the unification is sharing. This is achieved via an acute understanding of the alpha omega concept in some form. Both people realize their incomplete nature and also that they have something to give. Thus both people give and receive to each other. This is what true friends do, and friends do naturally to some extent. This is something to be realized, and pursued! The dynamics of this 1 to 1 unification are quite detailed. Explore them, pay attention next time in a social situation. Don’t lose balance though, or people will notice ;p

  2. Together, we are more than twice, but thrice.

    Together we become made of the mystical material that is soft but strong.

    The third is only seen, in the depth of the left and right eyes.

    As one, and from all to one, and back again, my friends.

    ps: mind + heart = Mithreand, made of mithril


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