The Crisis Is Like The Finger Of Fate

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe world is changing, and we must connect. We see that life is slipping out of our control. Before this started happening, it was forbidden to speak about it and reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah.

However, a new power is being revealed in the world between people, countries, different systems, and banks and trade. It confuses us and ruins our lives, threatening our essential needs, our food. The further we advance, the more we will see the system fail. It will simply stop working.

It is like an idea or a misfortune enters your very close family, the entire household begins to worry, and you are unable to agree with one another. This is what is happening now with the world. A new idea has appeared, and one part agrees with it, while the other does not. The first says that there is no choice and that we must accept it. The others say that this does not bother them and that they do not wish to participate.

Then a lack of understanding appears between us where we stop speaking, responding only when we must. Coldness and inner rejection appears. This can happen in any family, and this is now happening in the entire human society. Something simply is no longer working.

We would like it to work again. Would banks and trade not want to fix the situation? They are willing to pay double for it. All of a sudden, capitalists are willing to pay more taxes, but it still will not work. This calls for a new power, not the power that we built ourselves and that we ourselves can fix.

Sometimes, when something does not work, you can see where it needs a little fix. This is the way we always build, empirically, through trial and error. However, here, we feel that the situation has gone out of our control. This new network that is being revealed is simply “the finger of fate,” as Pharaoh’s advisers once referred to the plagues.

We always thought we rule, but the Creator, Who according to Gematria (the numerical value of a word) equals nature, shows Himself to be the ruler. We are beginning to understand that there is a new power here. We must become human beings and acquaint ourselves with it, unlike an ape that does not think about the Creator or any higher power, but simply lives its life.

A new power is manifesting, and this power has feelings, reason, and a program for us. This power was ruling us all along, but we were very naïve children, completely unaware that we constantly follow its directions. For the first time, we start realizing this.

We are rising to the next, higher degree by becoming acquainted with the upper force, the Creator. This is the true birth on a new degree. Until now, we were as apes because we completely followed nature’s directions by the decree of natural feeling and reason. However, today, we are receiving additional feelings and reason as well as the other ones. These new feelings and reason are different from the initial ones.

A global network, a new power in the world, is being revealed, and this is why we are experiencing this discord, dissonance, and we do not know how to combine one with the other. It is revealed to us as a new image that we face.

It is hard for a person to understand it. Usually, people acknowledge that nature has its own laws, but they consider it at the still level, lacking in feelings and reason. However, it should be obvious that nature has a program that precedes the creature because we can see how everything develops. It is naïve to believe that this entire world appeared on its own as a result of an accidental combination of particles, which also happened by accident. If so, we also could believe that a monkey, pounding a keyboard, typed up the Encyclopedia Britannica by accident.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. The “math problem” of Darwinian/NeoDarwinian “random” evolutionary models have been looked at for a long time. A simple but certainly accurate enough way to look at it, is in terms of the Hopfield neural network — that allows unprejudiced look at the possibilities of working systems out of an array of nodes arbitrarily linked to all other nodes, themselves, and an environment. The results of studies of such at the California Institute of Technology back in the 1980s, demonstrates stable systems to represent between N / Log2(N) and N-squared out of 2 to the power of N possibilities. The astronomic implications of systems of N=100, much less the DNA systems of living creatures extending into effective N’s of at least hundreds of thousands or millions (and in terms of actual 3-dimenisonal protein interactions so intiatied, the actual N’s are vastly larger than even this), render the idea of randomly finding any life solutions, much less filling every nitch, absolutely absurd as a random matter.

    As well on cosmic ordering as demonstrated by British mathematician / physicist Roger Pensrose also in the 1980’s, the order in the universe — just in terms of the distribution of matter — would imply a probability of random effect of less than 1 in 1 followed by 10-to-the-power-of-123 zeros.

    The refusal to accept this and imagine that things just randomly work themselves out, is coming to bite us in a very strong way. As the Rav points out, the assumption that Infinity is explained fully by the still level is childish indeed. It seems as the Biblical warning in terms even of its simple meaning that if we walk “casually” with the Creator, ascribing matters to “Chance,” then “I will walk you in the fury of ‘Chance’ “

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