Is Man The Master Of The World?

Dr. Michael LaitmanI see the current crisis not as a punishment to us, but as a unique opportunity to reach an eternal and perfect existence, a totally different frame of reference. We have made many discoveries in this world in the evolution from ape to human, but now, for the first time, the upper management is being revealed to us. We are beginning to hear that indeed, there is some force beyond us.

We understood that the forces of nature existed: the force of hurricanes or the force of gravity, but all these forces were less than us. They were the forces of blind nature: still, vegetative, and animate.

However, I, a human being, was above them. Who else could compete with me? Let an animal attack me. I can kill, defeat, or tame and domesticate it to serve me. I was the strongest among them.

Of course, there were some phenomena before which we were powerless. Suddenly, a volcano would erupt or some other natural disaster would occur, but we understood that they were the laws of a blind nature that had no mind. We could predict those catastrophes by various signs or calculate them using formulas. However, suddenly, for the first time in history, a new power is revealed between us, the human beings.

Try to feel the unusual things that we are talking about. This creates a situation as if we were gathered in one room for some meeting: There are many people, and an intimate atmosphere prevails between us because we have known each other for a long time. Let’s suppose that it is someone’s birthday, and everyone is mingling with a glass in his hand. Everyone knows what is happening.

Then, all of a sudden, a new attitude, a new power, breaks through, and no one can get along with one another. That is how our world appears now. People are beginning to feel that this new power is coming from outside, and they do not understand what to do with it.

Everything is changing at the level of man himself. The fact that some hurricane occurs is still okay. This is the still nature, or the vegetative, or the animate, but it is less than human. These things are stronger than me, but below me because they are devoid of sense and reason.

Unexpectedly, however, changes are taking place that seem to have sense and reason. I still cannot clearly distinguish the intellect there, but I already understand that these changes are at my own level. A new power is being revealed where I, using my sense and reason, have built the systems of connection between us, the people. I do not know about it, but I see that I cannot manage there myself. I cannot achieve what I wanted.

This is revealed to me slowly and from a distance, but I already see that I am not the master in this world. I do not attribute this to some force outside of me that has sense and reason, but I see that this obstruction is at my height. Therefore, today, we do not know what to do.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. It seems like until now we were experiencing everything outside of us and it was ok, but now we starting to feel everything internaly, just like the volcano errupting somewere now our new feelings are errupting internally and the problem is that we don’t understand this feelings. We are stuck on our own, this is precisely why we need to unite, we need to connect in order to understand what is happening to us, what does the Creator want from us? Has each one of us been given a portion which he must disclose in order to reveal the whole mystery? Surely keeping the portion to one self that can’t even be understood is totaly useless. Connect and share if you care!!!

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