Who Are The Protesters, And What Are They Protesting For?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From themarker.com): “An Israeli start-up trendIT, which developed the technology that provides real-time demographic data…, believes that not less than 280 thousand people came to the demonstration in Tel Aviv [last Saturday].”

  • Among them, 70% belong to the 40% of the wealthiest Israelis.
  • 25% of the participants have income higher than 80% of the population.
  • Only 8% represented 40% of the low income class.
  • Almost 60% of the protesters were residents of the central part of the country: Tel Aviv (39% of protesters), Gush Dan, and Ha Sharon region (the most affluent areas of the country).

My Comment: Right was “the Egyptian paper Al Youm al Sabeh [which] headlined its report ‘the plague of Arab revolutions reaches Israel.'” (Source: Haaretz.com)

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  1. So just as in times past the “plagues” that hit Egypt came upon those that had the largest expansion in their desires. Today’s plagues occur to those with grand desires, who believe in asking for more, who are not satisfied with all this world has to offer. Is it through these people, who will learn that the ego needs to be corrected to include the whole world, that we will increase the world kli and benefit those who are suffering physical lack? It seems so. If my desires remain small than all I want is rest and I march forward to my death. At least this is the way I’m understanding it.

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