Edward Topol: Save Israel!

saveisraelA Russian newspaper has published an article by Edward Topol, a famous novelist, screenwriter, and essayist, called “Save Israel!Below are some excerpts from the article.

Recently Barack Obama declared that Israel has to return to the boundaries of 1967. For most of the civilized world, this came like lightning out of a clear sky because it signaled a clear shift of American politics to pro-Arab, even pro-Hamas positions because returning Israel to the boundaries of 1967 would narrow down the country to an eight-mile long stretch along the ocean, which could be leveled by any Arab tank brigade in a couple of minutes….

“In September, meaning immediately after summer vacation, the UN will hold their next meeting, where most of the voices have long belonged to the Muslim countries. Once this resolution is passed, any aggression against Israel will become legitimate, and more important – inevitable, because Israel protected by the USA and Israel abandoned by the USA are two very different things….

“Today I turn to all those who understand that Israel’s demise (no matter what you think of Israel!) will unleash a total Arab expansion to the south of Russia and Europe and will be the beginning of the demise of the entire Christian, European, and Russian civilization. Let’s act before it’s too late and not allow the extermination of Israel! And finally, believe my words…: History has allotted just two months for this rescue operation….”

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  1. I think Israel should work on having peace with other countries. However, I don’t believe Arabs/Islamists have a right to bomb them. The world needs Israel. Even if we hate them for whatever reasons, because Israel represents the correction and method. Even if Jews don’t understand it themselves. I can understand being detached from Israel’s problems of boundaries, I dated an Israeli guy once who explained to me the wars there. As an American I didn’t understand before that.

  2. These articles should stop. Did you not see President O’Bama tell Israel that we, the US, would always stand by them.

    Why is this topic being brought to the attention of the world when this is not true?


  3. Can safety or True Security come from political arrangements? What should this post mean to US (Kabbalah Students), should it cause us concern, worry, a sense of urgency/emergency and or fear? Do WE have any role to play here and if so what is it? Kabbalists have told us that without a United Israel of the Heart, mankind’s suffering will continue. And that is essentially saying that WE (Points in the Heart) are responsible for it all! Shall WE continue to abrogate that responsibility, if so, for whom, how long, and for how much blood shed, pain and suffering? WE have yet another opportunity, especially today, in this congress not only to scrutinize these questions but also to actually once and for all, UNITE and BE PRESENT WITH AND IN ONE DESIRE namely, TO ONLY WANT BESTOWAL OVER AND ABOVE ALL ELSE. That is all that is required and demanded of US- only to prepare a place for that quality (Bestowal) to be firmly planted. What are WE waiting for when WE can do it NOW, today, in this congress?

  4. My mood today is: WIDE AWAKE!

    Politics are the same everywhere, nothing but egos and self-interest. There is only one solution: to correct our egoism to altruism.

    Very happy to see new book release: Self-Interest vs. Altruism in the Global Era

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